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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers kept up more on the hike today, without quite so many stops to linger and sniff around beside the trail. We encountered a woman hiking with her baby in a backpack-style kid carrier. We passed them on our way down the mountain, then they passed us. A short while later, when we were passing them again, Dylan suddenly became very wary. He crossed over to the far side of me and let out a little woof. For some reason it was only this third time we passed each other, that Dylan was concerned. Ruffers and Sputnik had no reaction to woman and her kid carrier, any of the times we passed each other.

Variety Pack

The Bear Creek Greenway was busy with foot and bike traffic this afternoon. Many of the people we saw commented on how big the pack was; one of the last to comment actually followed up with, "I'm sure I'm not the first person to tell you that on your walk," to which I replied, "You are absolutely right!" Mamacita got a good roll in the grass in, early on during the walk. Imogene jumped around Rey breifly at one point. Lizzo and Carl were excited to see each other before the walk started. During the walk itself, they were more interested in the environment. Lizzo pulled a fair bit today. Zoey was just along for the trip; she didn't insist on any stops today, and happily followed in place throughout.


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