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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan had an extra bounce in his step as we headed up the mountain at the Chautauqua this morning. Ruffers picked up on Dylan's playful spirits, and made a few moves to try to entice him into a chase, but that was a little more than Dylan was bargaining for. Still, they had a fun time out together.

Variety Pack

The rubber soccer ball that caught Zoey's attention during our last park visit was still there, right near the entrance. Zoey went straight for it, but another dog stole it out from under her and ran off with it. Imogene was all about fetching tennis balls, and Lizzo was all about chasing Imogene. Carl gave his big sis a hard time, when he wasn't busy wrestling around with Lizzo in between chases. Rey wandered off on her own to greet other dogs, or just watch the action play out. She ran around with one shy dog, and did a great job of being a good play partner and keeping things light by just passing by whenever she caught up in a chase, instead of trying to wrestle around with the shy pup, the way she would with some of her good friends. Later on in the visit, the whole pack became very interested in tennis balls. They raced each other for them, over and over. I tried to fake everyone out and then make some shorter throws for Carl, but he still rarely managed to beat the others to it.


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