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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik started off the hike pretty slow again today, but he perked up a bit on the return leg. He kept stopping to munch on snow along the way. There was a big Golden Retriever who came up from behind us, and Sputnik growled when he tried to sniff him. Dylan barked at the Golden Retriever, who was male and had a pretty forward demeanor. Ruffers was unfazed by the tough guy show that Sputnik and Dylan put on, and happily sniffed hello before the Golden Retriever took off.

Variety Pack

Rey stayed on the path today as we walked the Goose Creek Greenway. I initiated a lot of stops along the way, to work on keeping the pack focused on me - especially Carl, who likes to pull ahead. Imogene picked up on the routine very quickly, and started walking in line behind me so she wouldn't be caught off guard. After a few stops, Carl started getting the idea. Rey did pretty well throughout, sticking to my side and only taking an extra step or two before realizing I had stopped. Zoey was surprisingly the least responsive of the pack. She walked along at my side keeping pace very nicely; but whenever I stopped, she just kept going.


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