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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers and Dylan had the first turn off leash together. They did their own sniffing for a bit and then Ruffers got Dylan to chase her on the trail a bit. Avo was just dying to be off leash with Ruffers, so I let them off together for a bit. They ran and ran. After that, Sputnik and Dylan had a turn off leash together. Sputnik joined Dylan at the lead until we neared the trail head and it was time to go back on leash.

Variety Pack

Imogene and Riley were pulling ahead pretty consistently during our walk on the snowy Boulder Creek Path this afternoon, so I began testing them by stopping in place. After a few repetitions, Imogene circled around and started walking behind me instead of trying to lead the way. Riley did not react as decidedly as Imogene, but she started looking at me more and slowing to a stop with me before the leash got tight. Zoey and Carl were doing a good job throughout. I thought the falling snow might distract Zoey from her routine stops, but she still made sure we checked out her favorite points around Eben G. Fine Park.

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