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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan and Ruffers mostly followed Sputnik and me from behind, while they were off leash during our hike on the Mesa Trail this morning. We encountered a few other dogs along the way. Ruffers and Dylan sniffed hello with a couple of the dogs who were also off leash, while I kept Sputnik off to the side with me. About halfway through the hike, Dylan started leading the way while Ruffers fell even further behind to linger and sniff out every place that caught her interest.

Variety Pack

Rey, Zoey, Ruffers, and Imogene provided good company for Poppy on her last pack walk before moving. We headed to Wonderland Lake, pausing for the pack to sniff around beside the path here and there along the way. Ruffers wanted to play with Imogene, especially whenever we stopped moving. Poppy enjoyed a roll in the grass at the park on the south side of the pond, while her packmates stood by. Imogene came over and hopped around her a little bit, and Rey sniffed the grass where Poppy was wiggling. All of Poppy's friends are going to miss her!


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