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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

It was hot enough today for Avo to flop down on the trail in dramatic fashion several times; however, her feints at exhaustion were belied by her rolling playfully on her back once she was down. Ruffers, Sputnik and Dylan seemed more genuinely tuckered out by the warm weather, as everyone panted steadily throughout the hike. Everyone stuck mostly to the trail, and stayed pretty close together - even Avo.

Variety Pack

Archie was infatuated with Rey this afternoon. The two of them played hard at the house before our walk. When we set out on the Goose Creek Greenway by Valmont Park, Archie did his best to continue their play session. Rey knew the difference between play time and walk time, and shrugged off Archie's advances. She and Carl were more interested in clocking the prairie dogs that chirped in the fields around us. Imogene, Milo, and Zoey all walked in position calmly and without distraction.


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