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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Avo did a lot of running and roaming through the fields as we hiked the Chautauqua today, while Griff mostly stuck to the trail and led the way. Avo discovered last week's deer leg again, some ways off the trail. She brought it back to the trail but dropped it when I told her to. The rest of the pack showed no particular interest in her find. Dylan and Sputnik stuck together during their time off leash, a short distance ahead of the rest of us.

Variety Pack

Imogene, Archie, Rey, Zoey, and Carl headed to the Valmont Dog Park for some play time this afternoon. Carl and Imogene barked with excitement at the gate, and I waited for them to settle down a bit before letting everyone in. Imogene immediately went on the hunt for a tennis ball. Archie, Rey, and Carl all ran and dodged around together. Zoey was a little more tame than her packmates. Throughout the park visit, Archie mostly followed Rey around. They raced around with various other dogs. Carl joined in with them sometimes and chased tennis balls with Imogene the rest of the time. Imogene followed me around and kept sticking her head in between my legs from behind to get my attention and request that I throw the ball for her. Zoey ran around with Rey and Archie some of the time. She also entertained herself by sniffing and digging.


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