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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

There were two deer legs found along the Saddle Rock Trail today. Dylan was first to discover one, and he rolled around in the dirt next to it. Later, on the way back, Avo found one in a different spot, snatched it up, and brought it back to the trail. She dropped it after a bit of hesitation, and Ruffers eyed it hungrily. Everyone got a treat shortly after we moved on from that spot. Sputnik was the only one who wasn't drawn to the prize finds.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Rey, Carl, and Griff had a nice walk along the Bear Creek Greenway this afternoon. It was much less busy than when Lou and I walked there yesterday, but we still saw a few bicyclists. We came upon a young black Lab who showed her desire to greet the pack by lying on the ground with one shoulder down and wagging her tail. Everyone was happy to go sniff the politely eager pup, and then Rey got a few pats from the pup's human before everyone bid everyone a good day and we moved along.


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