Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan made the most of the snow by rolling around in it numerous times during our hike at Shanahan Ridge, often coming up with a face covered in white powder. Griff was more tame in his off-leash wanderings, aside from one big victory sprint after what was apparently a very satisfying poop. Sputnik was far less insistent than usual when it came to sniffing around today, so we made very few stops. However, he was on the ball when I threw a handful of snow to him; but he promptly spat it out as soon as he caught it.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Griff, Rey, Gidget, and Blu walked the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon, with a few detours into snowy fields along the way. There was one particular stretch of Eben G. Fine Park that was marked with more yellow snow than I think I've ever seen before, and everyone wanted to linger there a long time to get the 411 on who has been through the park in the last couple days.