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Friday, May 26th

Adventure Pack

The skies were grey for our hike this morning and rain started to fall during the final stretch, but we made it back to the car about a minute before the hail began to fall. Rucksack seemed to anticipate the turn in the weather, as he started to get very impatient and pulled a lot as we made our way back down Bluebell Road toward the trailhead. Sputnik, on the other hand, wanted to pull over and sniff around as often as possible. Meanwhile, Mamacita was a dutiful hiker who followed along right behind me, as usual.

Variety Pack

The pack headed to the CU South Campus trails this afternoon after the storm passed. We had relatively clear skies as we made our way around the big loop. Thompson and Stella walked right along with me. Coco and Ruffers sniffed around in the brush together while Sanaya headed off on her own and walked along the lower path, parallel to the main one where the rest of us were. Sanaya eventually rejoined the group when I took them all down the hill and out of her view in order to lure her back to the main path where she could see where we went.

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