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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Isaac and Rucksack had fun exploring off leash together this morning. They were both on the hunt for puddles of water that have collected on the tops of boulders. Isaac tried to haul a few big tree limbs, but he gave up on each of them before getting them off the ground. Rucksack hasn't partaken in any log hauling on our pack hikes in a long while. Sputnik and Mamacita behaved themselves well with the dogs we passed today. They didn't bark or stir up any trouble, and just hiked along nicely. Everyone was very interested in sniffing around again. It seems some seasonal change has triggered a marked increase in the pack's interest in olfactory investigations.

Variety Pack

It got incredibly windy when the pack headed out along the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. I thought Colby might be freaked out by it since she tends to be a bit skittish around unusual noise and activity, but she seemed relatively relaxed most of the time. Benny, Thompson, Coco, and Stella were equally unperturbed. I couldn't say the same for myself, as I kept needing to wipe dust from my eyes and adjust my hat as it was blown around.

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