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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Mamacita went for an early wiggle in the grass on our way up the Chautauqua Trail. She had stopped in place a couple times before that, but then gave no indication of what she wanted to do. The third time she stopped, she walked off the side of the trail and then flopped down in the grass. Sputnik had taken the opportunities to leave scent marks in the grass during each of the previous stops, but once Mama got to wiggling, he just stood aside and watched her go. Roger Roger behaved himself very well with his brother, Rucksack; but he found other trouble to get into instead. Apparently there was some wet scat in the tall grass on the way up the 2nd/3rd Flatiron Loop, and Roger Roger found it. He decided it had exactly the perfume he was looking for, so he got it all over his neck, leg, and shoulder. Thankfully, Rucksack - who was also off leash at the time - did not partake.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Griff, and Cooper walked the Boulder Creek Path together this afternoon. Griff was very interested in the ducks who were swimming on the creek as we passed beside it. I was surprised that Zoey wasn't more alert about them, though they definitely did catch her eye. Cooper didn't care about the ducks, but he whined each time we passed by another dog. Near the end of our walk, Cooper's ACL injury from earlier this year appeared to start bothering him again, as he started to limp a bit.