Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer had another good day of only moderate pulling on the leash, with some long stretches of walking along at my side on a loose leash. However, she and Colby were both pretty distracted by a dog who came up the trail from behind us. Colby kept whining as the dog and his human hiking companion came nearer, and Racer pulled backward to try to bring the pack over to say hello. I was impressed with Sputnik for nonchalantly sniffing through the brush and letting the dog pass without attempting any tough-guy displays. Griff didn't seem to really care either way about the other dog.

Variety Pack

Isaac and Griff raced around together off leash at the CU South Campus trails this afternoon. Meanwhile, Zoey was busy sniffing around. Isaac found a stick and carried it proudly for a short while, with both Zoey and Griff following him around. Then, Isaac took off down the trail to splash around in the ditch water ahead. Griff and Zoey listened better and stuck with me as we caught up to their more willful, and now wet - packmate. We encountered a lot of friendly dogs on our way around the loop, and paused many times to let the dogs sniff hello.