Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer started off the hike pulling like a maniac, but settled down a little way in, after she had relieved herself. Sputnik was calm and courteous with all the dogs we passed on the trail today, as were Racer, Colby, and Griff. After they passed, I had the pack gather around for pets and a water break to acknowledge their good behavior. Colby wasn't skittish at any point during the hike, even when other hikers came up from behind us. It was a very pleasant morning at Shanahan Ridge.

Variety Pack

The pack were full of energy at the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon. Racer, true to her name, bolted into the park and ran a short lap as soon as we entered. Rey and Zoey both took off to meet new friends among the dogs at the park. Coco and Isaac hovered around me, watching intently as I searched out a couple tennis balls and started throwing them. Soon, Racer, Zoey, and Rey had all joined in for fetch. The pack loosely stuck together from that point on, with Zoey and Rey sometimes breaking off to play with someone else. Zoey chewed up some sticks at the south end of the park while Rey watched her and tried to sneak in and steal away her find. Later, Coco enjoyed a good, long wiggle in the grass at the north end of the park while Rey hopped around her. All the while, Isaac fetched tennis balls and circled the pack, and Racer raced around, sometimes chasing down tennis balls herself.