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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers and Zoey had a lot of fun chasing each other around the trail this morning. When I pulled the pack over to a field beside the trail to let some other dogs pass, Zoey was a brat and refused to come all the way up to me. She kept coming near and then hopping back to try to get me or one of the other dogs to chase her. Meanwhile, Sputnik, Ruffers, and Mamacita all got to practice hanging out and calmly ignoring another dog who was trying to stir them up. It took a while, but Zoey eventually settled and came over to let me put a leash on her, and she stayed leashed for the remainder of the hike.

Variety Pack

Rey and Racer wrestled around together before we headed to Bear Creek for a walk. Coco hovered around them and refereed their play by barking at them whenever someone started getting too worked up by her estimation. On the walk, everyone wanted to go in a different direction to sniff around at various spots. After a bit of walking, they got on the same page and all pulled in the same direction to sniff spots together.

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