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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack made a lot of stops to sniff along the way during our hike/walk at the Red Rocks Trails and Boulder Creek Path this morning. Sputnik was especially drawn by the smells, and wanted to pull over about every ten yards. I entertained his curiosity periodically, and Colby, Racer, and Griff were all quick to join him in sniffing about. We bumped into packmate Milo on our way down the Red Rocks Trail, and Sputnik was very worked up. He growled for a brief moment when he saw Milo staring at us from a short distance and Milo started to approach. But when we stopped to chat for a minute, Sputnik's tail started wagging and he pulled at the leash with his ears pinned back, eager to say hello to our friend. The other pack members were happy to see Milo as well, but more measured in their reactions.

Variety Pack

Rey was super excited to run around the trail at CU South Campus this afternoon. Zoey indulged her a bit, but Rey did most of the running, dodging, and leaping. Isaac also wanted to play with Zoey. He mouthed at the scruff of her neck as she made playful moves with Rey. Rey was extremely excited to say hello to every dog we passed. She kept leaping up into the air to express her enthusiasm. It seems like it will take some practice for her to mind her manners when greeting.

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