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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack had a calm, pleasant walk along the Bear Creek Path this morning. Sputnik made a lot of stops to leave scent marks along the way, as he always does. Mamacita joined him to sniff around in the snowy bank and leave her own scent marks about half the time. Rucksack and Roger Roger were happy keeping mostly to the path.

Variety Pack

Avo was especially wiggly and excited when I picked her up this afternoon. I think she had a lot of fun at the park Wednesday and was eager to go play more; however, we went for an on-leash walk along the Boulder Creek Path today, instead. At one point, we pulled over to a field beside the path for a minute and Avo tried to stir up some fun by play-bowing in front of Ruffers, Zoey, and Isaac. Her packmates were more in tune with the vibe of a leashed walk, and they disappointed Avo by not making any play moves back. Avo's restlessness was apparent throughout the walk, as she kept trying to pull ahead and off to the snow banks beside the path. She also barked at passers-by - both human and dog - a couple times along the way. Ruffers, Zoey, and Isaac made it easy to focus on handling Avo, as they all walked along quite nicely today.

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