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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers and Rucksack chased each other all around the trails at CU South Campus this morning. They were soon joined by Rey, who tried her best to keep up with the big dogs bounding through the snow. Rey didn't want to leave Mamacita and Sputnik out of the fun, so she came over to us and hopped around with them as well.

Variety Pack

Yoda, Isaac, Sputnik, Roger Roger, Zoey, and Rey all walked around Wonderland Lake together this afternoon. There were a couple points along the way when both Rey and Zoey started holding up a paw; both times were shortly after we started walking on an exposed sidewalk rather than a snow-covered path, so it might actually have been the salt that was bothering them, rather than the cold. Sputnik wanted to make lots of stops to sniff and pee along the way, and he was always readily joined by Yoda and Isaac. Roger Roger didn't hold up a paw at any point, but he did lick at his paw sometimes when we stopped to let the others sniff around.

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