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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Rucksack and Roger Roger had fun running around in the snow together at the CU South Campus trails this morning. I occasionally had to call Roger Roger off when he got too worked up and started harassing Rucksack by gnawing at his legs and ears. They happily greeted the dogs we passed along the way, while Mamacita and Sputnik stayed at my side. At one point, we saw a dog at a distance who bore a strong resemblance to our pack member Ruffers. Rucksack and Roger Roger rushed ahead to greet the dog, and Sputnik perked up noticeably. Though the dog proved not to be Ruffers, Rucksack and Roger Roger still had fun hopping around with her for a couple minutes.

Variety Pack

Avo, Zoey, Yoda, Benny, and Oliver all walked to Wonderland Lake together this afternoon. Avo kept going off the path to tramp through the snow - the opposite of Oliver, who did his best to stay dry throughout the walk. Benny - who sometimes interrupts walks with sudden stops - had no trouble keeping up with the pack today. Yoda stopped to sniff at bushes whenever we passed by them, much as he did yesterday. Avo and Zoey were very playful with each other when we stopped at the house before the walk, but they settled down pretty quickly once we set out.

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