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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

There was a big, uprooted tree across the trail at Enchanted Mesa that must have been taken down in the powerful winds we had last night. The pack were all very interested in the landmark. After sniffing around it for a bit, Sputnik and Racer started chomping on nearby fallen twigs. Colby enjoyed using the tree trunk as a hurdle, and hopped over it several times while goading Griff into chasing her around it.

Variety Pack

Much as Sputnik and Racer this morning, Isaac and little Zoe were drawn to chomping on twigs that were scattered in the grass at the park beside the Bear Creek Path. While they busied themselves breaking up sticks, Avo hopped around Zoey with playful bows and dodges. Zoey decided not to engage, and instead just watched Avo bounce around her.

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