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Friday Pack Activities

Boarding Pack

Little Zoe, Oliver, Clover, and Monarch headed out for a walk to Wonderland Lake together this morning. Oliver and Zoe were sporting sweater and fleece respectively to keep them from getting too cold. Monarch and Clover's natural coats were plenty warm enough to keep them comfortable. We had a very pleasant walk and encountered a few other neighborhood dogs out for a morning jaunt.

Adventure Pack

The snowy fog that blanketed the Chautauqua this morning made for a very tranquil hike. The peaceful scene was occasionally interrupted by Roger Roger's best attempts to annoy Rucksack by chewing at his legs and barking in his ear. Meanwhile, Sputnik and Mamacita took their time sniffing at trees and bushes beside the trail. Once Roger Roger found a log to haul, he stopped bothering his brother. The two of them had some together as Roger Roger played keep-away. Mamacita and Sputnik joined in with some play-bows and hops when Roger Roger came over to us with his prize. The dogs settled down for the return leg of our journey, and the tranquility of the surrounding, snowy forest really set in, making for a beautiful morning.

Variety Pack

Griff, Zoey, Avo, and Benny burst into the dog park with enthusiasm amplified by the adrenaline of being out in the cold weather this afternoon. Everyone went to find friends immediately. There were only a few other dogs there when we first arrived and they were occupied, so the pack quickly regrouped. Avo, Zoey, and Griff all raced each other for tennis balls while Benny stuck by my side. The park started filling up with more dogs, and the pack were all happy to make friends. Benny hopped around with a Golden Retriever - his long, lanky legs flailing absurdly as he bowed and leapt around. Avo both interested in - and intimidated by - a big, fluffy, white dog (maybe a Samoyed?), to whom she kept running up only to then hunch in a submissive posture while the dog sniffed her. Each time the dog started walking away, Avo darted up alongside or in front of her with a playful wiggle and then resumed her submissive posture. Griff had fun wrestling around with a Husky who was up for rough-housing. Zoey was a bit more interested in greeting the humans than the dogs that accompanied them, and found one young man who was happy to throw a tennis ball for her. Benny also spent a lot of his park time soaking up love and attention from the humans.

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