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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik was in a particularly ornery mood this morning when we first parked by the Chautauqua, and he barked in a markedly uninviting manner at the first couple dogs who passed by the car. He was much calmer once we started hiking, though, and kept his cool the rest of the morning as we passed some other dogs on the trail. Roger Roger, Rucksack, and Mamacita were all calm and pleasant through the morning.

Variety Pack

Early on in our visit, Avo went for her usual, all-out sprint with a couple other dogs in pursuit. Mamacita made a move like she was going to join in the chase, but stopped trying after only a few paces. Later on, Clover and Monarch found a friend in a slightly squat-bodied, male who looked like a Pit Bull mix, and they took turns dodging and wrestling around with him for some time. Meanwhile, Zoey made friends with a little boy who was thrilled to throw the ball for her annd watch her catch it, over and over. Avo came over to see what was up, and poked a curious nose at the boys face as he held the tennis ball over his head, which made him giggle with amusement. After that, Zoey ran around with Clover and Monarch's friend while Avo chewed on a prized, broken tennis ball she had found.

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