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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack went for a light hike at the muddy CU South Campus trails this morning. Mamacita wiggled around in the tall grass a couple times. Sputnik was clam and friendly as we passed other dogs along the way. Rucksack and Roger Roger trotted along nicely. Everyone pulled over into the brush to sniff around and leave scent marks here and there.

Variety Pack

Benny, Oliver, Yoda, Zoey, Rey, and Mamacita all enjoyed a very pleasant walk around Wonderland Lake this sunny, temperate afternoon. We made occasional stops along the way to sniff beside the path, initiated alternately by Benny and Zoey. Mamacita, Yoda, and Rey were all happy to join in the investigations whenever their packmates caught a whiff of something interesting. Oliver usually didn't want to bother going off-road, and mostly stuck to the path, except when we went to sniff around a tree that was growing amidst the cut grass of the park.

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