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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Yoda joined our Tuesday Adventure Pack regulars Sputnik, Colby, Griff, and Racer and we headed over to the CU South Campus trails this morning. Yoda did a lot of lingering to sniff around, while Griff and Colby tended to check out the trail ahead. Sputnik and Racer walked along at my sides, on leashes. There were a lot of other dogs out today. Yoda, Griff, and Colby all greeted them happily. Racer didn't go out of her way to try to say hello. Sputnik was in a pleasant mood and passed the other dogs in stride without worrying about them - for the most part. There was one confident, young male who came over and stood directly in our path to let the other dogs come up and sniff him, and Sputnik briefly expressed a disapproving attitude over that dog's presumptuous posture. When I offered water to the pack, Sputnik, Colby, and Racer were the only takers. Racer was especially thirsty, and kept nosing in for more.

Variety Pack

Cooper couldn't contain his excitement for our walk at Bear Creek this afternoon, and starting barking loudly as soon as we parked. He stopped making such a fuss once everyone was out of the car, and we started our walk. After the initial scatter as each dog wanted to follow their noses in different directions, Cooper, Mamacita, Isaac, Zoey, Milo, and Rey all started moving together with me. Rey pulled off to the side of the path here and there to sniff along the way, and needed to be reined in when she was a little too interested in a stretch with a lot of goose droppings. The geese themselves were nowhere to be seen, however. When we paused in the park for a photo, Isaac buried his nose as deep into the grass as he could, to get a really good noseful of whatever earthy scents he had discovered. Mamacita lay down in the grass, but abstained from wiggling around in it today.

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