Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

When we hit the trails at CU South Campus this morning, Ruffers and Zoey paired off to play, Milo and Rucksack paired off to explore, and Sputnik and Roger Roger stayed on leash with me. The whole pack gathered together to sniff some spots along the way, and to greet a couple of the other dogs we encountered. Rucksack led the off-leash crew into some muddy ditch water, but they got to wash the muck off in the pond later on, near the end of the hike. At the pond, Rucksack and Zoey both swam out a ways, while Ruffers and Milo splashed around in the shallows, and Sputnik and Roger just got their paws wet at the water's edge, During the latter part of the hike, Milo became very interested in Ruffers and started hopping around her and barking at her, on and off, but Ruffers wasn't feeling it so I would call Milo over to get him to give Ruffers her space.