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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack enjoyed the snowy trails this morning. I threw some snowballs for them all to catch. Racer was the most on it, and Colby was pretty quick to go for them, too. Griff let the first snowball land right next to him without flinching, but when I threw a second one to him, he caught it and then did a victory sprint all around the trail. The trails were pretty empty again today, so Sputnik enjoyed running around with Griff for a bit. Judging by Sputnik's colorful deposits the past couple mornings, I suspect the kids at home are wondering where all their crayons have gone.

Variety Pack

Avo, Ruffers, Oliver, Benny, and Zoey enjoyed a nice walk around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. Avo only pulled a little bit during the walk, and didn't go wild at any point. Benny stopped in place whenever we approached someone walking toward us along the path from the other direction. He seemed to be hoping every person we saw would stop to say hello to him, but he was unfortunately disappointed. Oliver was on the fence about trudging through the wet, slush-spattered grass. He braved it a few times in order to sniff alongside his packmates, but other times he opted to stay on the paved path. Ruffers walked alongside Avo throughout. I tried to get her to help me box Avo in between us to keep Avo's pulling to a minimum, the way Griff used to do with Racer, but Ruffers was too sweet to block Avo, and she really just wanted to walk next to me. Zoey walked along nicely the whole time, making a few short detours along the way, to sniff at the side of the trail.

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