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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The trails were quiet, the snap of cold weather keeping hikers at home for the today. We pulled off to the side of the trail many times on our way up. Roger Roger, Rucksack, and Sputnik sniffed around in the grass while Mamacita went for a wiggle. As is often the case when cold weather hits, Sputnik was more ornery about passing dogs and growled at a couple of them, with Mamacita chiming in once as well. Rucksack and Roger Roger were their usual, friendly selves.

Variety Pack

Zoe and Rey were very excited about the wildlife we saw as we walked along the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. Zoe barked at a squirrel in Eben G. Fine Park while Rey started pulling at the leash to try to get to it. Later on, Rey leapt about as we passed a goose hanging out by the kids' fishing pond. Then Zoe saw another squirrel to bark at. All the while, Zoey kept her cool and didn't react despite the fuss her packmates made.

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