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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The trails were sparsely traveled again this morning. At the end of our hike, the dogs enjoyed tromping through the fresh snow at Chautauqua Park. I scooped snow up to throw each of them a snowball, and they each caught theirs! Racer especially liked the snow, and chomped it up as we walked through it.

Variety Pack

Isaac, Milo, Zoey, Avo, and Rey all had a blast at the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon. Isaac carried a tennis ball with him as he played chase with his packmates. He played less fetch than usual as he was caught up in running with the others. Avo picked out broken balls to carry in between playing rabbit while all the others raced after her. In addition to chasing Avo, Milo also enjoyed hopping and wrestling around with a Husky who was one of the few other dogs there. Rey and Zoey kept each other entertained with wrestling when they weren't chasing or wrestling around with Avo. Everyone got pretty wet, but thankfully the park wasn't especially muddy.

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