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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The trails were mostly dried up from the snowfall earlier this week, but there were still a few short stretches where the pack's paws got muddy. The grass is growing green and lush. Sputnik, Colby, Racer, and Griff all enjoyed sniffing around in it, especially near the trail head. Racer was thirsty when we took a water break. She had first go at it and then tried to nose her way in while Sputnik and Colby got their drinks. She listened when I told her to wait, and then I went back to her so she could have her fill. Griff, as usual on days that aren't especially hot, wasn't interested in taking water.

Variety Pack

Avo was off to the races as soon as we entered the park. Before long, Zoey joined her in a game of chase along with a couple other dogs at the park. Isaac snatched up a tennis ball just feet from the entrance. He carried it around for a little while before bringing it back to me for some fetch. We spent most of our visit hanging out in the grassy, north end of the park. Mamacita, Avo, Isaac, and little Zoe all had fun wiggling around on their backs there. Zoey found a young woman who was happy to through her tennis ball for her. When she wasn't playing fetch, she mostly hung out underneath that woman's chair, guarding her prize ball from the other dogs around. Mamacita found a playmate who dodged around with her for a little while. Avo played rabbit in some chases, but was the pursuer with an Australian Shepherd for a little while as well. Benny followed me pretty closely, but wandered off from time to time, to offer dogs and humans friendly greetings. Little Zoe spent a lot of her time investigating the fence line, and nibbling on twigs she found in the grass.

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