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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Cracks of thunder ushered in progressively heavier rounds of rainfall as we began our descent of the mountain. Colby and Griff had been enjoying their explorations of the fields and brush while Racer and Sputnik hiked along at my side. Colby had suspiciously eyed a few of the hikers we passed, but didn't make any dodgy moves around them. Sputnik tried to make frequent stops again during our ascent, but I kept him moving today. We only paused a handful of times. We took a slow, steady pace up the mountain, but we started moving with more purpose when the thunder started. It moved in on us quickly. When we got back to the packmobile, everyone got their own towel to help them dry off. While I was wiping down her packmates, Colby leapt up into the passenger seat, seeking comfort from the thunder. I dried her off a bit more then guided her back to the rear with her packmates before we headed on our way.

Variety Pack

Isaac was joined in his usual fetching by Avo, Rey, Milo, and Zoey. Milo was quick and bold enough to snatch up one ball right after Isaac missed an attempt to catch it. Rey, Avo, and Zoey never managed to get to Isaac's ball, but I threw other balls for them to chase down. Their return game was inconsistent, but there were enough balls around that I was able to keep them busy even when they dropped their ball right after catching it. Meanwhile, little Zoe and Yoda were busy sniffing around the rocky ditch behind the old, hollow tree stumps. Their packmates periodically checked in to see what they were sniffing at, and to nibble at some of the grass there with them. A tiny, young pup showed up was greeted first by Yoda. The rest of the pack soon followed behind him and everyone sniffed hello. Rey tried playing with the little one, but was a bit too rambunctious for him. Little Zoe, on the other hand, was just his speed, and did a great job of drawing him out into some chasing and dodging with her. Later on, the little one followed Milo around while he sniffed along the fence. Rey was swept up in a desire to be chased, and started darting back and forth without any pursuers until her antics eventually drew Isaac and Avo to her. Avo also enjoyed a chase with another dog who showed up a bit later. She attempted to hurdle the dog she was pursuing, but didn't get high enough and just sort of coasted on the other dog's back for a moment before she regained her footing.

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