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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

It was wet from the outset of our hike this morning. While the rainfall stayed light and misty, the pack's fur coats grew wetter and wetter, slowly and surely. Griff, Rucksack, and Sputnik didn't seem particularly bothered by their damp states, but by the end, Mamacita was clearly happy to get back to the packmobile and to get toweled off. There were more hikers out than yesterday, but the trails were still far from busy. We passed a couple other dogs along the way, but they didn't pay any attention to us, and the pack were more interested in sniffing at the wet ground than in greeting other dogs.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Roger Roger, Zoe, Rey, and Milo walked the Bear Creek Path together this afternoon. The same light mist from this morning continued through our afternoon walk. By the end of the walk, Little Zoe was in the same boat as Mamacita had been this morning, and was grateful for a semi-dry towel to help her dry off. Rey, Zoey, and Zoe all pulled over to sniff in the grass a lot along the way. Roger Roger and Milo joined in the sniffing whenever I brought them over for a break, but were happy to just trot along in place behind me otherwise.

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