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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The trails were busy again, now that the weather is back to being beautiful. Many hikers commented on how well-behaved Mamacita, Rucksack, Sputnik, and Roger Roger all were. Mamacita enjoyed a good wiggle in the grass on our way up the mountain. Sputnik made a lot of stops to leave scent marks, though nowhere close to his record. Rucksack and Mamacita paused a few times along the way to sniff passing dogs, while Sputnik and Roger Roger hung out beside me. It was a very nice day for a pack hike.

Variety Pack

Milo was first to hop into Boulder Creek when we stopped along it during our walk this afternoon. Little Zoe, Zoey, and Rey were all interested, but hesitant after seeing how deep the water was, with Milo up to his neck. The three of them sniffed and poked at the water from the bank. Milo went for a short swim beside the bank and then crawled back out. As I made my way behind the pack, to lead them back up to the path, Zoey suddenly backed up into me and tripped me up, which resulted in both of us getting very wet. We hopped right back out of the water, and then we all resumed our walk. I then noticed that little Zoe looked a bit wetter as well, but not soaked enough to have taken a dip with us. I suspect she edged in at a shallow spot to check on Zoey and me while I was distracted with finding myself half in the creek. Rey was the only one of us who stayed totally dry.

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