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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer suddenly seemed very excited. She started to pull at her leash and hop around in place. At first, I didn't know why she was so worked up. I followed her gaze and stared out into the trees and snow-covered brush. Then, I saw it. There was a big buck standing in the distance. Sputnik and Griff were a short way ahead of us on the trail, and they were seeking out the source of Racer's excitement as well. They both stood very still, staring in the direction of the buck. I called to them, turned back up the trail, and started jogging away with Racer and Yoda in tow. Sputnik and Griff broke into chase, and came up behind us a moment later. I was glad that they decided to follow me instead of the buck. I'm not sure whether Yoda ever noticed the buck. If he did, he didn't care much about it. As our hike continued, Racer ate as much snow as she could. During the last stretch, a magpie kept hopping along the trail, keeping just a few yards ahead of us. The pack made no attempts to catch it or chase it off.

Variety Pack

Isaac, Benny, Milo, Zoey, Rey, and Avo were all off to the races as soon as they entered the park this afternoon. A lone Husky joined in the chase, and they all ran some big laps around the northern and central areas of the park. After the initial flurry of excitement, Isaac turned to his usual routine of fetch. Milo and the Husky spent a long while wrestling around together. Benny started following me around at an easy pace. Zoey went off to sniff along the fence line. Rey and Avo wrestled with each other. Over the course of our park visit, Isaac joined in more chases with his packmates than usual. Avo and Rey ran after him, along with another Husky that showed up. More and more Huskies arrived at the park, and Milo loved wrestling around with each one that would give him the time of day. An Australian Cattle Dog caught Benny's attention, and Benny followed him around for a while, with a bounce in his step. Zoey found an old, deflated football and went to work on it. It was partially de-laced by the time we left, but the material seemed to still be intact. Avo and Rey raced and wrestled, and were joined periodically by Zoey and Milo. By the end of our visit, everyone had mud-spattered legs and bellies.

Boarding Pack

Clover, Monarch, and Yoda sniffed along the edge of the path as we made our way through Wonderland Park this afternoon. They were all very interested in the smells brought out by the damp air, and they shuffled around as they each tried to get a good whiff of every point of interest. Meanwhile, Oliver kept to dry land as much as he could. As usual, he was more interested in keeping clean than in investigating odors.

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