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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik again only pulled over to mark the way a couple times early on. He also kept his cool with every dog we encountered, even when a couple of them were worked up and barked at us while pulling at their leashes. Roger Roger minded his manners while he was off leash with his big brother Rucksack. He didn't indulge in the fraternal harassment that he is wont to do. They were each happy to get some pets from passers-by. Surprisingly, Sputnik didn't rush over to insert himself whenever Rucksack and Roger Roger got pets. He stayed at my far side with Mamacita. I'm sure he would have been more forward if we had lingered just a bit longer.

Variety Pack

Zoe, Isaac, Racer, and Zoey had a fun walk along Boulder Creek this afternoon. When we passed beside the kids' fishing pond, we encountered a family of geese. Little Zoe and Racer both perked up immediately upon noticing them. Zoe barked a couple times. We slowed to let them cross the path to the pond. Zoe settled down at that point, but Racer really wanted to chase some geese. We started walking by once they reached the edge of the pond. One goose turned, stared us down, and hissed at us while we passed along the path about ten yards away. Racer was undeterred by the warning, but finally chilled out once we got past them. Isaac and Zoey didn't make any fuss about the geese. We continued on down toward the library, and the park where tents were being set up for this weekend's Boulder Creek Festival. The geese were still hanging out at the edge of the pond when we made our way back, but we went off the far side of the path to give them a wider berth, and neither party was overly concerned about the other at that point.

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