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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Since Mamacita seemed to be having a hard time with all the rocky mountain hikes, the pack headed to CU South for a lighter jaunt this morning. Sputnik didn't request as many stops along the way, and Mamacita didn't wiggle in any grass. Along with Rucksack and Roger Roger, we all just made our way through the intersecting trails and then around the big loop. We passed a few other dogs along the way, but none of them lingered to say hello.

Variety Pack

It started raining just about as soon as we headed our for our walk at the Bear Creek Path this afternoon, and before long it was a downpour with lots of lightning. We took refuge back at the packmobile and tried waiting the storm out. Isaac was very ansy. He is not a fan of thunder. Rey was a little restless, but I think she may have just been impatient about getting out on a walk. Zoe and Zoey didn't seem to mind waiting in the car while the sky was emptying itself on us. Eventually, the rain dwindled to a sprinkle and the lightning subsided, so we headed back out. While walking, Rey bounced back and forth between stopping and sitting in place with an uneasy look, and leaping and bounding like a carefree pup. The rest of the pack were their normal selves. Bear Creek was filled to the brim and running fast, from the deluge.