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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Mamacita was feeling lazy today. Her second wiggle in the grass turned into a lounge in the grass, and she made it last for as long as she could. Griff, Rucksack, and Sputnik didn't mind hanging out while Mamacita soaked up every bit of sunshine and relaxation she could get. Sputnik spent the time sniffing around and leaving scent marks. Griff kicked up grass a couple times, as if he had just left a scent mark himself, even when I didn't see him actually mark anything.

Variety Pack

Rey, Roger Roger, Zoe, Isaac, and Zoey were all great walkers as we made our way along the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. Our youngest pack members, Rey and little Zoe, got a bit excited and pulled at their leashes for a moment when we passed a couple pigeons who had just walked across the path, but otherwise they trotted along on loose leashes just like their older packmates. Roger Roger and Isaac enjoyed getting soaked up to their bellies in Boulder Creek when we took a rest stop there. Zoey, Zoe, and Rey stuck to the shallower waters, but were still excited to get their paws wet.