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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

It started raining on us as we made our way back along the Saddle Rock Trail a little after noon. Rucksack and Roger Roger continued roaming around, totally unperturbed. Sputnik also took the rain in stride. Mamacita, on the other hand, took on a very sad and droopy demeanor as soon as she started getting wet. Whereas she had taken her time on our way up, she was rather in a hurry to make her way back.

Variety Pack

The rain subsided later in the afternoon, and Mamacita was excited to go back out along with Griff, Isaac, Zoey, and Zoe. We stayed dry as we made our way to Wonderland Lake and back. Little Zoe jumped up to get the attention of some people we passed, who had stopped to admire the pack. The others were happy enough with the compliments they received on how nice they looked, and didn't go out of their way to get pets on top of that.

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