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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Mamacita really took her time along the Baseline Trail at the outset of our hike this morning. She insisted on wading through the tall grass at a snail's pace, and one passing hiker observed, "You're not going to get very far at that rate!" Eventually, Mamacita came back to the trail and adopted a more moderate pace. When we reached the stream near the Gregory Canyon Trail Head, all the dogs enjoyed hanging out in the water for a bit, before making the ascent on the Saddle Rock Trail. During the last stretch of our hike, after we stopped by the Chautauqua Trail Head to drop off some compost bags, we had a surprise encounter with Sputnik's dad, Nils, who was out for a run! Sputnik (and I) didn't recognize him on his approach, until he stopped to say hello. Upon parting, Nils assured Sputnik that he would see him later, back at home. Sputnik was not consoled by this, and tried to go after Nils. It took a minute for him to calm down, but once his dad was a good way off, he relaxed and fell back into our normal rhythm. Then, we came across a group of kids on the trail. One young boy offered tennis balls - of which, for some reason, he was carrying several in his bag - to the dogs. Sputnik, Rucksack, and Roger Roger all took them happily. Mamacita was entirely disinterested. Sputnik dropped his immediately after taking it, and the boy took it back. But Rucksack and Roger Roger carried their the rest of the way back to the packmobile.

Variety Pack

Zoey bolted out of the car to chase a rabbit when I stopped by the house with the pack this afternoon. Rey and Mamacita were quick to follow, as I had unhooked their leashes while herding them into the front door. After a few minutes of running around the neighborhood, I was able to round everyone back up. Then, Zoey and Rey headed to Bear Creek for a walk with Griff, Isaac, and little Zoe. Our walk was not as exciting as the rabbit chase that had kicked off the afternoon outing. We passed several dogs along the way, though none stopped to sniff hello. Rey's attention was caught, at one point, by a bird who landed on top of a nearby lamppost, and she stared straight up at it as we walked by. Isaac rolled around in the grass a bit when we made a stop in the park, while his packmates all sniffed around.

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