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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Everyone was taking their time on our hike today - not only Mamacita. Rucksack found an interesting bush to sniff, and everyone gathered around to give it a thorough examination. The stream at Gregory Canyon is running lower than it had been. Everyone was still happy to get in and get their paws wet. Of course, Isaac lay down in the stream to make sure to soak his belly.

Variety Pack

We didn't see any rabbits on our outing today, so there were no thrilling pursuits. Zoey, Milo, Rey, Griff, and Roger Roger instead enjoyed a pretty peaceful walk along the Bear Creek Path. One dog who was walking along a path up at street level barked at us, and Rey got a little worked up, so we stopped and I had her sit until she settled down. Unlike the Adventure Pack this morning, the dogs were not very interested in sniffing around. Even when we pulled off the path to walk through the grassy park, Zoey was the only one who had her nose to the ground.

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