Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer and Isaac were so happy to dive into the stream at the Red Rocks Trail this morning. Griff also hopped in, but Racer and Isaac waded around for a long time, dunking their faces into the water and getting as wet as they could. Surprisingly, Sputnik stayed high and dry on the bank. When we passed the water again on our way down the mountain, Sputnik joined his packmates for a dip.

Variety Pack

Avo played rabbit at the Valmont Dog Park while Rey and Zoey both gave her chase. When Avo finally slowed down and the others caught up with her, she and Rey wrestled around for a while. The two of them tend to get a little carried away when they're wrestling. They've never hurt each other, but neither one wants to call it, so they just keep tackling each other back and forth. They slobber all over each other as they mouth at one another's necks, until I step in and break them up. Zoey, Milo, Avo, and Rey all played some fetch on and off throughout our park visit. Milo and Zoey watched with interest as their packmates climbed up the big tree at the south end of the park, and then Milo started to bark at them until they came back down.