Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Early on in our walk along the Boulder Creek Path, Mamacita wandered into the tall grass and went for a wiggle. A little while later, Mamacita, Rucksack, Sputnik, and Isaac all hopped into the creek. Isaac and Rucksack were the ones who lingered in the water today. Further along, we pulled over for a stop in a well-shaded field of green. The geese were swimming in the kids' fishing pond on our way out, but had moved to the near bank for our return leg. We gave them a wide enough berth that none of them felt the need to make threats for us to keep our distance.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Racer, Roger Roger, and Rey enjoyed a calm, pleasant walk along the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. Zoey initiated a break, in the shade of some big trees in a grassy field near some outdoor basketball courts. While Zoey, Roger Roger, and Rey stood in place and looked around nonchalantly, Racer put her nose to work and examined the grassy field. When we took a water break, Racer was the only one not very interested. Rey, on the other hand, kept nosing in while Zoey and Roger Roger had their turns to drink.