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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

It was hot today! We started up the Anemone Trail, but Sputnik was lagging and it was still going to be a lot more uphill before we reached the stream, so I turned us around and we headed to Boulder Creek. Everybody hopped into the deep water at the same spot we found before, just east of the bridge from Eben G. Fine Park. Racer was very interested in the geese at the kids' fishing pond, even though they were swimming pretty far out. When we took a break in the shade a little while later, Griff was thirsty enough to go for the water from the CamelBak without any coaxing required.

Variety Pack

The dogs were surprisingly energetic this afternoon, despite the heat. Avo, Zoey, Racer, and Isaac all chased tennis balls and all took advantage of the kiddie pool to stay cool. When they weren't in the pool, Isaac and Racer were almost frantic about playing fetch. Zoey found a special, hollow, blue ball and hung out under a chair with it for a long while. Every so often, she barked for attention until I got the ball and threw it for her. She didn't make getting the ball easy, though, as she guarded it and grabbed it away half the time that I reached for it. Meanwhile, Avo was astonishingly the least wild of the pack this afternoon. She spent a lot of her time just hanging out by my side in the shade, licking at my nose whenever I reached down to pick up a ball for her packmates. She still had fun chasing down some balls herself, but didn't have the frantic energy of her packmates. A Cattle Dog/Border Collie mix joined in for some of the fetching, and one time snatched Zoey's blue ball out from under her nose.

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