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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

We had a new member join the pack today - Curie! Curie and Griff were first to meet before our hike. They sniffed each other politely and then Griff lay back down to signal his approval, while Curie continued sniffing around in the back of the car. Sputnik joined us next. He was very interested in Curie and kept sniffing at her the whole way to Eben G. Fine Park. Curie was happy to sniff hello at first, but started to feel a bit cramped and grumbled at Sputnik a few times to give her space. On our walk, Curie stayed right with the pack. She switched positions from one side to the other, stopped in place, and sat when I directed her to - all with hardly any coaxing. Curie, Griff, and Sputnik were all happy to hop into Boulder Creek a couple times along the way. Curie stayed in the water the longest, both times. Sputnik gave Curie some space during the walk, but he couldn't help himself near the end and started licking her ears. Curie seemed more comfortable with the attention from him by that point, and let him lick her ears without any grumbles. Curie did great for her first outing with the pack, and had a nice time walking along the creek!

Variety Pack

The pack was a lot more active at the Valmont Park this afternoon than I expected, considering the heat. Isaac and Racer were both raring to fetch tennis balls. Mamacita and Milo both had fun wiggling around and flailing in the grass. Zoey and Avo chased tennis balls now and then, when they weren't wandering around or hanging out with a Husky friend who orbited the pack. Zoey and Mamacita both did a lot of sniffing at the fence line. Avo made rounds to check in with me and each of her packmates. Racer chomped at water from the spigot while I filled the kiddie pool. She, Avo, Isaac, and Zoey all splashed around in there quite a bit. Milo hopped in a couple times, too. Mamacita mostly stuck to the shade to stay cool.