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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

There was a fishy smell in the air along much of Boulder Creek this morning, so the pack didn't get in at the usual spots. There was one area where I didn't notice the smell, so Mamacita, Roger Roger, Rucksack, and Sputnik got in for a quick dip. Hopefully they didn't carry an odor when they went home. I didn't notice one on them during the rest of our walk, but the scent from the creek was pretty overpowering at some points.

Variety Pack

Clover, Monarch, Zoey, and Isaac walked the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. It was pretty hot out, but the clouds kept the sun off of us and made it bearable. Isaac enjoyed a wiggle when we stopped at a grassy park along the way, while Clover, Zoey, and Monarch took a load off. Clover wasn't too keen on taking water today. Isaac and Monarch both drank a little, but were a bit hesitant about it. Zoey, on the other hand, thirstily drank up all the water she could.

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