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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Isaac, Curie, Sputnik, and Griff headed up to the Red Rocks from Settler's Park this morning. Isaac and Sputnik both hurried into the stream when we reached it after a short ascent. Curie and Griff stepped in with a more measured approach than their packmates, but were happy to wade around in the water as well. Sputnik didn't fawn over Curie the way he had during their previous two outings together. He was busy sniffing and leaving scent marks along the trail. We made a lot of stops along the way for the pack to sniff stuff out. After making our way back down from the Red Rocks, the pack enjoyed spending the rest of our outing on a pleasant walk along Boulder Creek.

Variety Pack

The dog park was pretty empty this afternoon, but Isaac, Avo, and Zoey were kept well-entertained by the tennis balls we found. Isaac chased after long throws, Zoey went mid-range, and Avo leapt to snatch short throws out of the air after one bounce. Later on in our park visit, a playful dog raced by and got Isaac to chase after him. Avo hopped around with him a bit when he lingered by us, but she and Zoey stayed out of the races.