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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Mamacita kept drawing the pack off to the grassy fields beside the Boulder Creek Path this morning. She didn't seem to be interested in any particular scent, and she didn't wiggle around in the grass at all - she just slowly meandered through, sniffing casually along the way. Sputnik, Rucksack, and Roger Roger didn't mind taking their time and sniffing along with her. We made a few stops at the Creek, and everybody was happy to go in each time. Sputnik and Rucksack waded out as far as they could get. Roger Roger and Mamacita were a little more reserved, and kept to relatively shallow waters.

Variety Pack

Despite the heat, Rey, Blu, Isaac, and Zoey all had a lot of fun playing at the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon. There were a couple Golden Retrievers who helped keep the fun and excitement high by racing around while the pack pursued. Isaac was joined in the kiddie pool by Blue and Zoey. Rey was mostly just interested in chomping at the water as it came out of the tap. We spent most of our visit at the shaded, southern end of the park, so everyone could keep relatively cool. Zoey kept bringing her tennis ball to a couple people sitting in chairs there, and barking for them to throw it for her. They kindly obliged her - at least when she was willing to allow them to take the ball.

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