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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Isaac bolted into the ditch stream with singular purpose. Rucksack and Sputnik were off leash and already wading through the water. Mamacita followed behind Isaac with a more polite approach. We had taken advantage of the cooler weather and headed up the Red Rocks mountain trail this morning. When we reached the ditch after the first stretch of our ascent, the dogs lingered a long while in the water, cooling off before the last leg of our ascent to the Red Rocks formation.

Variety Pack

Isaac, Rey, Roger Roger, and Zoey enjoyed a (mostly) relaxed walk around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. The only interruption to the calm was when Rey saw a rabbit in a field beside the trail. She lunged for it repeatedly until it ran off and we passed by the area. Zoey perked up in response to Rey's outburst, but managed to maintain some composure even when she caught sight of the rabbit. Isaac and Roger Roger didn't seem to take notice of the disturbance. Storm clouds were rolling through, which made for a cool, pleasant atmosphere; but some lightning strikes in the distance made Isaac bristle a bit.

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