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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Curie greeted me with a rapidly wiggling tail stub, and repeated snorts directly in my face as I squatted down to say hello and hook up her harness. It was cool enough to head up the Anemone Trail with the pack this morning. The dogs were happy to hop into the ditch stream after we came down and were crossing over to the Red Rocks. We stopped beside a short, wooden bridge that heads toward Mount Sanitas, and Racer looked like she was considering diving off of the bridge into the water. She thought better of it, though, and entered the water from the bank instead. Sputnik sniffed intently at Curie's ears a few times while we were out, but he managed to contain what amorous impulses he might have had. Griff was a very good boy throughout the hike, as he typically is.

Variety Pack

It stayed relatively cool through the afternoon, and some cloud cover helped as well. The pack headed to the Bear Creek Path for a pleasant walk. We stopped in a field by the path for a little while, on our way back. Isaac and Avo both rolled around in the grass while I scratched their sides and bellies. Zoey and Milo received their pets without such wallowing displays. We made a few other long stops for everyone to investigate interesting smells of which Zoey and Avo were often the first to take note.