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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer showed slightly more restraint than usual when the pack hopped into the ditch stream on our way up Anemone Mountain this morning. She was still eager to get in, but she didn't pull full-force to try to drag us there. After the pack splashed around for a minute, we headed all the way to the top of the mountain again. Sputnik enjoyed some off-leash time with Griff when there weren't any other dogs around.

Variety Pack

Avo and Zoey were all about the tennis balls at the park today. Rey chased some tennis balls, as well, but she was more interested in just running around. Whenever a fresh tennis ball was thrown for Avo and she caught it, she would immediately discard it if it was in too good condition. However, if the ball had a hole or split in it, she deemed it worthy of holding on to. Zoey just wanted every tennis ball that moved, and kept bouncing from one to the next without hesitation. Rey ran with Avo and Zoey a little bit at the south end of the park, during the first part of our visit. When we headed to the north end later on, she found a few other playmates to chase after her while she played rabbit. She was also very happy to see her other walker, Jacqui, and greeted her with enthusiastic wiggles.

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