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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack headed to CU South again this morning. Again, we started off with some nice cloud cover. However, the clouds dissipated by the later part of our trip around the big loop. Curie was well-practiced from yesterday, and lay down then rolled onto her side to offer me her belly so I could squirt it with some water to help keep her cool. Satisfied with a wet belly, she stood back up and trotted along with her packmates until it dried off. Then, she lay back down for another soak. Racer and Sputnik were happy enough just drinking the water. Griff apparently wasn't feeling the heat so much today, and turned his nose away whenever I offered him a drink. He and Sputnik had some fun exploring the trail off leash, while Racer and Curie stuck with me.

Variety Pack

We had another new member join the pack today - Riley! Riley was less shy than our other new pack member was yesterday. She sniffed hello with interest in her new packmates, and wasn't afraid to give both Griff and Zoey a little sass when they tried to get too friendly too quickly and invaded her space. Surprisingly, our youngest pack member, Rey, had the manners to sniff more politely, and she didn't earn any retorts from Riley. Mamacita and Isaac were also interested but respectful, and Riley seemed quite comfortable with them right off the bat. Sanaya, on the other hand, gave Riley a little sass herself, a couple of times. I told Sanaya to be nicer to our new friend, and had her lay down in front of her. After that, she stopped eyeing Riley with suspicion and the two of them didn't really interact. Mamacita quickly took a liking to Riley, and she seemed to deliberately be sitting in between Riley and Sanaya while traveling in the packmobile. The walk itself went very smoothly. Aside from occasional tugs from both Rey and Riley, the pack walked in unison at my sides. When we stopped for a water break, Riley looked at the CamelBak spout expectantly as soon as I reached for it and then she started lapping up the water without losing a beat. Usually, new pack members are wary of drinking water that way, and they need to watch the others drink before they decide to give it a try. However, Riley went right for it. Hopefully that is a good omen about how smoothly she will fit in with her new pack!

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